Kembrey, Melanie.
"The amazing Maria Fernanda Cardoso".
The Sydney Morning Herald.
November 16, 2018

What was once a backyard swimming pool is now a murky pond with a budding ecosystem. In a corner of the overgrown garden rests a stone roughly hand-engraved with “TIME IS”. The wild cacophony of nature continues inside with native flowers, a pair of preserved emu legs, butterfly wings, piles of rocks, animal skin, feathers and gum nuts scattered across benches, tables and side desks…

Allen, Esther.
"Returning the gaze, with a vengeance".
The New York Review of Books.
July 8, 2018

In 1974, after a decade of life under military dictatorship, a Brazilian artist named Anna Bella Geiger made a video that runs sixteen minutes, eighteen seconds. It shows her head and upper torso against a white wall. Early on, she’s holding a white cat, bu at some point, it jumps out of frame. Her expression is neutral, maybe a bit tired. Her eyes don’t seduce or challenge the camera. Other artists, her…

"Living artwork a breath of fresh air for green square".
Architecture & Design
June 5, 2018.

A new living artwork featuring bottle trees and natural sandstone has been unveiled in Sydney’s Green Square. The idea behind the artwork is that it will grow with the expanding Green Square community and allow people of all ages to interact with the work. While I Live I Will Grow by Maria Fernanda Cardoso was unveiled at the former Royal South Sydney Hospital site as part of the launch of $32 million Green Square community and cultural…

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