Project Video at Sicardi Gallery Houston

Project Video:Maria Fernanda Cardoso & Harley, Dias & Riedweg, Oscar Muñoz, Miguel Angel Rojas and Liliana Porter

February 21 – March 30, 2013

Liliana Porter, Matinee (Video Still), 2009, 20:45minutes



Sicardi Gallery is pleased to announce Project Video, five weeks of video screenings by gallery artists Maria Fernanda Cardoso, Dias & Riedweg, Oscar Muñoz, Liliana Porter and Miguel Angel Rojas. The exhibition opens with a cocktail reception on Thursday, February 21, 2013 from 6-8pm, screening Matinee by Liliana Porter.Week 1 (February 21 – March 2, 2013)

Liliana Porter Matinee, 2009

DVD, 20:45 minutes, looped

Creator/Producer/Director: Liliana Porter, Co-Director: Ana Tiscornia

Music composed and performed by: Sylvia Meyer

Videography/Editing: Thomas Moore


Week 2 (March 5 – March 9, 2013) 

Oscar Muñoz Hombre de arena, 2006-2009

HD/Blue Ray video projection on sand

3:40 minutes, looped


Week 3 (March 12 – March 16, 2013) 

Dias & Riedweg 

Four Videos from the series Little Stories of Modesty and Doubt


Saturday Night at the Fairground, 2011

HDV Video projection, 7:3 minutes

Nocturnal Kick-abouts, 2011

HDV Video projection, 3:57 minutes

The City Outside Itself, 2011

HDV Video projection, 8:18 minutes

The Mirror and the Dusk, 2011

HDV Video projection, 8:42 minutes


Week 4 (March 19 – March 23, 2013) 

Miguel Angel Rojas Caqueta, 2007

Video, 7:38 minutes, looped


Week 5 (March 26 – March 30, 2013) 

Maria Fernanda Cardoso (in collaboration with Ross Rudesch Harley)

Stick Insects Most Intimate Moments, On Video!, 2011

DVD, 40 minutes, looped


A printed video schedule with video synopses and the artists’ bios is available upon request. Screening times are Tuesday-Friday from 10:00-5:30pm and Saturday, 11:00-5:00pm.


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Sicardi Gallery1506 W. Alabama St.Houston, Texas 77006