10 Latin American Artists at the Forefront of Abstraction

10 Latin American Artists at the Forefront of Abstraction

I’ve been included as one of the 10 Latin American artists at the forefront of abstraction!

“A multifaceted artist whose oeuvre includes installations, sculptures, videos, and performance pieces, Maria Fernanda Cardoso creates artworks that investigate nature, culture, and science by using unexpected materials such as plants, shells, and animals. She is particularly intrigued by the concept of “worlds within worlds” and microscale phenomena.

Cardoso is most known for The Cardoso Flea Circus (1994–2000), an astonishing piece with real, live fleas she trained to perform tricks such as pulling chariots, jumping through hoops, walking on tightropes, and dancing tango. She represented Colombia at the 2003 Venice Biennale with Woven Water (2003), an installation of dead starfish assembled together into a mesmerizing bleached submarine landscape. She holds a PhD from the University of Sydney’s College of the Arts.”

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