Australia. Antipodean Stories

Curated by Eugenio Viola

PAC Milano once again explores international cultures with a major new exhibition showcasing contemporary art from the Australian continent. AUSTRALIA. ANTIPODEAN STORIES is the largest exhibition of contemporary art to be presented outside Australia, and includes 32 artists from established to emerging and from different generations and cultural backgrounds.

New and recent painting, performance, sculpture, video, drawing, photography and installations – including works made specifically for the exhibition – map a metaphorical journey through the multicultural landscape of Australian contemporary art. Artists in the exhibition are influenced by their individual histories, experiences and backgrounds, languages, ethnicity, religions and different traditions – from Aboriginal or Islander cultures, to those of European, Pacific, Asian and American descent.

The exhibition explores a constellation of practices as well as cultural, historical, political and social perspectives relating to the Australian context; geographically opposite, or ‘the antipodes’ to the northern hemisphere. AUSTRALIA. ANTIPODEAN STORIES presents a portrait of our current times – hybrid, dynamic, diverse and complex.

Vernon Ah Kee, Tony Albert, Khadim Ali, Brook Andrew, Richard Bell, Daniel Boyd, Maria Fernanda Cardoso, Barbara Cleveland, Destiny Deacon, Hayden Fowler, Marco Fusinato, Agatha Gothe-Snape, Julie Gough, Fiona Hall, Dale Harding, Nicholas Mangan, Angelica Mesiti, Archie Moore, Callum Morton, Tom Nicholson (with Greg Lehman), Jill Orr, Mike Parr, Patricia Piccinini, Stuart Ringholt, Khaled Sabsabi, Yhonnie Scarce, Soda_Jerk, Dr Christian Thompson AO, James Tylor, Judy Watson, Jason Wing and Nyapanyapa Yunupingu.


Monday 16.12 h 7 p.m. OPENING PERFORMANCE
Towards a Black Amazonian Square by Mike Parr

Tuesday 17.12 h 3–9 p.m. PERFORMANCE
Spectral Arrows by Marco Fusinato

Wednesday 18.12 h 8:30 p.m. SCREENING 
at MIC Museo Interattivo del Cinema di Milano

Tuesday 19.12 h 7 p.m. GUIDED VISIT
with Eugenio Viola and Judith Blackall