Sullivan+Strumpf Contemporary Art Gallery Sydney, Australia and Singapore – August/September 2022

Sullivan+Strumpf Contemporary Art Gallery Sydney, Australia and Singapore – August/September 2022

Article by Chloe Borich, August/September, 2022, Sullivan+Strumpf magazine.

Sullivan+Strumpf magazine is back with an article on Maria Fernanda’s new painting series Ripples and Droplets, inspired by her recent major commission in the Sydney CBD. This series will be shown exclusively online this October 2022 at Sullivan+Strumpf.

“With the mural complete, the artist has returned to her studies ahead of her online show of the same name, Ripples and Droplets. Using small-scale fibre cement sheets, the same pure mineral pigments delineate repetitive lines and droplets that swell and overlap, resounding together to create dynamic web-like patterns in vibrant colours. Hypnotic and calming at once, through these works Cardoso again demonstrates her ability to encourage her viewer to observe, think and look again.”

Sullivan+Strumpf magazine profiles contemporary artists in Australia, the Asia-Pacific and East Asia working across painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, ceramics, installation, textiles, digital media and more. For the first time in two years Sydney Contemporary is back, and the city is buzzing with anticipation. In the spirit of vernissage, this issue invites discussion around several exhibitions and projects that bookend the art fair. We glimpse Natalya Hughes’ These Girls of the Studio, the artist’s second exhibition with the gallery following her major solo show at Brisbane’s Institute of Modern Art, The Interior. Painter Yvette Coppersmith leads us into her enchanting world of dance, music and art history ahead of her Sullivan+Strumpf debut, Presage. Tony Albert talks public art, creativity and Country, and we have an intimate conversation with Karen Black about the subtleties of her painting process. Plus Dawn Ng, Lara Merrett’s collaboration with Romance Was Born and Maria Fernanda Cardoso.

You can read the full article in here.