Largest Sydney CBD artwork by an Australian coming in 2022

Largest Sydney CBD artwork by an Australian coming in 2022

Architecture and Design, published on 14 December 2021


“An artwork by Maria Fernanda Cardoso has been integrated onto the new mixed development at 116 Bathurst Street in the Sydney CBD, which was designed by Candalepas Associates for Castle Residences.

The artwork, titled Ripples and Droplets, will be the largest public artwork by an Australian artist in the Sydney CBD and spans 11 storeys. It is inspired by the natural movement of water and is located on one wall of the 36-storey tower.

Commissioned by United Development Sydney as part of the Castle Residences mixed development, Cardoso worked closely with Architect Angelo Candalepas since the beginning of the design process in 2014, as well as with Curator Amanda Sharrad.

The artist’s design—concentric circles and spirals like ripples on a pond, also the silky thread of a spider web—reflects the broad direction of her creative career. Cardoso says she is fascinated by the natural geometry of the world, which has led to her magnifying details typically concealed to the naked eye.”

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