Maria Fernanda Cardoso brings Sex Everywhere

    By Soraya Caicedo

For this fourteenth edition of ARTBAR Maria Fernanda Cardoso invites attendees to spend the night as Mother Nature intended, by leaving inhibitions at the Museum door and embracing the artist’s nominated theme of Sex Everywhere.

The Museum of Contemporary Art transforms into Fernanda Cardoso’s Museum of Copulatory Organs (MoCO) – an installation celebrating the diversity and complexity in genitalic structures across the animal kingdom, first shown at the 18th Biennale of Sydney in 2012. Guests can experience an arousing exploration into the urban ecosystem of animal and plant reproduction carried throughout the Museum.

Maria Fernanda Cardoso is a leading Latin American and Australian artist who lives and works in Sydney. She graduated with an MFA in Sculpture from Yale University, the USA in 1990. She has exhibited in over 25 countries worldwide in institutions as prestigious as NY MoMA, the New Museum of Contemporary Art and PS1 in New York, the San Francisco Exploratorium, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, Fundacion La Caixa in Barcelona, and the Centro Reina Sofia in Madrid.

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