Rainbow at MUDEC

Rainbow at MUDEC

I am pleased to invite you next Thursday, February 17th to the opening of Rainbow. Colors and wonders between myths, arts and science at MUDEC – Museo delle Culture in Milan. The exhibition will be open to the public until July 2, 2023.

Inspired by The Rainbow Show, which took place in San Francisco in 1975, MUDEC hosts an exhibition project composed of different stories related to the rainbow as a natural, cultural, spiritual and human phenomenon.

The rainbow, the ultimate iconic sign of wonder, is an optical and atmospheric phenomenon, but also a holistic symbol that enhances cultural, social and political contexts. This multidisciplinary exhibition project explores the poetics and the materiality of the rainbow from a scientific, anthropologic and art historic point of view, as well as its presence in contemporary popular culture.

The exhibition features the artwork On the Origins of Art I and II (2016) as it reflects over colour as a communication system that can be seen not only in the colourful plumage of birds, but also in the garish hues of the Australian Maratus spider. The video shows the complex courtship ritual of these spiders, as well as their use of colour, gesture, sound and movement that makes them amongst the most sophisticated visual and performing artists in the world. The Maratus spiders of Australia are the most colourful, flamboyant, sexy, and charming spiders on the planet. I think if paradise existed, it would be inhabited by beautiful creatures such as these.


More information on the exhibition and the opening hours in here.